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Polar Rig Specialties Services

Polar Rig Specialties, Inc. provides a wide array of professional and technical construction services. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Derrick repair and modification
  • Specialty Rigging
  • DROPS Survey
  • API visual derrick
  • Derrick erection and tear down
  • Derrick pre-assemblies
  • Fabrication
  • Engineering capabilities
  • Crown cluster maintenance
  • Welding



  • All equipment provided by Polar is either new or in good working condition, it is always tested prior to being returned to the field.
  • All rigging, slings, blocks, hoists, etc. come with load test certificates from its manufacturer.
  • The floating poles used for on board erections were designed and manufactured by Pyramid manufacturing




Polar is insured only by A+ carriers. Any prospective client will be issued our certificate from the insurance agent direct.

Special operations such as these require competent journeymen with the talent and willingness to do what it takes to get a rig back on line as quickly and safely as possible. Most often these projects require special rigging and cooperation between rig personnel and Polar crew. Polar crews are very inventive and eager when faced with new challenges.

Polar is proud to have a good safety record while performing tasks considered by many to be high risk.

Polar believes that with proper planning and never “red lining” with regard to rigging or equipment, any job can be safely performed.